ComCat Users

Due to a recent  software upgrade there  are some new  features in the Commonwealth Catalog. The upgrade will allow users to:comcat

  • Cancel items in Retry status from the My Account menu.
  • Items in search results will have Action Buttons on covers : Request This Item – if there is only one item; brings up the request form (or login) directly  and View Details – if there is more than one item; brings up list of titles and locations.



2 responses to “ComCat Users

  1. Jacqueline Young

    Just used ComCat to order a couple of items and one of the books I looked for said it was in my home system and there was a mysterious set of buttons down right on the page that just said “no” and “yes”… I did not see anything that explained the buttons so I hit “yes” and it said a request would be sent to my home system. I went back and checked my holds but it was not listed so I put the hold on myself. It would be nice if the “yes” and “no” buttons had an explanation next to them. I remain in the dark as to what they do. Thanks!

    • Hello,

      Sorry for any confusion. Please report this to your home library so your home library can submit a ticket to ComCat and follow up.
      Here is a link to send an email to them: Fill out this form, copy+paste your comment in, and then they can forward the message.
      Thank you!
      ~CLAMS Staff

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