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How can I see what I currently have checked out and what I have on hold?
My Account. You can view your record, see what items you have checked out, renew items online, request items from the catalog, view the status of your requests/holds, create preferred searches, and rate items through My Account. For more information, go to My Account FAQs.

Why can’t I see what number I am on the waiting list for a title?
Our library network’s software does not currently offer this feature.  However, the ratio of requests to the number of copies in the CLAMS system will give you a good idea of the length of the wait queue. Please see My Account FAQs page for more information.

The CLAMS system does not have the item I want. How do I suggest a purchase?
You are welcomed to complete and submit the Suggest a Purchase online form. Suggest a Purchase can be found on the CLAMS Classic catalog homepage under My Account.

What is the difference between “Save to My Lists” and “Add to Bag”?
Both Bags and Lists are used to collect multiple titles that can be requested, printed, emailed, or saved to one’s account for later reference. A “Bag” is like a shopping cart, it is temporary and exists only during your current session. Once you close your browser or navigate away from the CLAMS website the contents of your bag will disappear. You can add titles to your bag and then request all the titles in your bag at once or you can save to your “Lists.”“Lists” are saved to a your account for as long as you want. These lists can be accessed whenever you log into My Account. Multiple lists can be maintained in  your account.
To learn more about the “Add to Bag” and “Save to My Lists” features, please go to the Online Catalog FAQs page.

How do I request an item online?
To request a single item, search the catalog to find the item you want and then select the Request button Request. This will bring you to the login page. After logging in, the system will ask where you want to pick up the item. Select your desired pickup location, and then submit. When the item is ready for pickup at your selected location, you will be notified by phone or email.

How can I request multiple items at once instead of one-by-one?
You can request multiple items at once by adding items to your bag. When you a scrolling through a list of titles click the Add To Bag icon. Each item you add to your bag will remain in it until you are ready to “checkout” and request all items at once.
When you are done adding items to your bag click on View Bag then click  Request Saved. This will bring you to your My Account login page. Log into your account, then click on Request All. A popup will show you the batch requesting process. After you see Request Successful next to each title you can then empty your bag Empty Bag. 

I don’t want to request items right now. I want to save items to a list for future requesting. How do I do that?
To save items to a list for future requesting, click on the icon  Save To My Lists when scrolling through the search results page or while viewing a record. You will be prompted to log into your account. After logging in you can add the title to a list you have already made or select – Create a new list – A new list will prompt you to provide a “List Name” and “Description.” After submitting you will see a message, 1 record saved to “your named list” for later.
You can view your saved lists and the titles from those saved lists by clicking on the My Lists in My Account.

How can I renew my items online?
Go to My Account, ScreenHunter_125 Sep. 11 14.21  View Current Checkouts. You can Renew All, or click the check boxes in the Renew column for the items you wish to renew, and then click Renew Marked. Some items, including those that are overdue, may not be renewable online. For more information on renewing, please go to the Requests FAQs page.

I can never remember my library barcode is there any other way I can login?
Yes, you can set up a username to log into your library account online. Please go to My Account FAQs to see how to setup a username.

Why does my library card expire?
Library card registrations periodically expire so that library staff can be sure that information such as your mailing address, email address, and phone number are up-to-date.

Can I receive email reminders when items I’ve checked out are almost due?
Yes.  If there is an email address in your library account, then you will automatically receive reminders 3 days before the item is due.