CLAMS Coronavirus COVID-19 update

March 24, 2020

As Massachusetts experiences an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), CLAMS member libraries remain committed to maintaining essential library services for our users while ensuring the health and safety of our patrons and staff.  

All of our libraries have closed temporarily to the public following Governor Baker’s announcement on March 23rd, but may still be providing phone or email assistance. Statewide delivery service of physical materials was suspended as of Tuesday, March 17th.  Due dates on all materials have been extended, holds will not be cleared during this time and fines will not accrue. If possible please do not return library materials to book drops at this time. Visit your library’s website for details.

CLAMS member libraries are working with their local municipalities and/or governing bodies and actively monitoring the situation to follow all recommended guidelines from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  

Our libraries provide a wide array of online resources, including e-books, audio books, e-magazines, etc for borrowing on our OverDrive platform, and OverDrive Libby app for iOS and Android. You may currently apply for an ecard online and begin using OverDrive immediately.

Massachusetts statewide databases are available and our libraries also offer other local online resources to their patrons that can be found by visiting their website: CLAMS Libraries


16 responses to “CLAMS Coronavirus COVID-19 update

  1. I was wondering which libraries offer wifi outside the building. I would like to share this with Cape Cod Students, as we have a few that do not have internet access at home. This would be a great resource for Cape students who could access while in their car in your parking lots.
    Thank you
    Billy Terranova

    • Hi Billy,

      All CLAMS libraries leave their wifi connection on and open to the public without a password, meaning you should be able to access it from the parking lot or next to the building depending on where the signal is located.

  2. Are late fines suspended during this time?

    • Hi Katie,

      Due dates have been extended for all checked out materials (excluding billed items) until April 16th. If we need to extend them further we will. Any fines incurred during the shut down will be waived.

  3. Should we return books before April 16? I don’t want your return boxes overflowing if no one is there to empty them.

    • Thanks for asking Bill. We would prefer that you not return anything until the libraries reopen if possible. All due dates have been extended until the libraries can open for business again.

  4. Would it be possible to have an outdoor pick-up of books.
    Order the books on-line,and then have a set time to pick them up, outside of the library? Thank you

    • Sandy, the Massachusetts Library Association has advised libraries not to do curbside delivery at this time. You can try contacting your home library by email for further information.

  5. carolyn lodders

    how do you download an ebook. I downloaded e ebook to my email bit it did’t show? carolyn

  6. Today, I again listened to Gov. Baker talk a lot and say very little. So, can anyone tell me when the libraries will open for business? It seems to me that it all depends on the “definition” of library. Is it a business? Is it an office? PLEASE, I’m slowly wasting away without my books.

    • Hi Steve,
      The Governor has said libraries will be able to start offering curbside pick up and returns as of the 25th of May and libraries may open with restrictions (undefined as of yet) three weeks after that date IF COVID-19 cases do not start to rise. Each CLAMS library will decide for themselves when they feel it is safe to begin curbside service or open so it is best to check with your home library for up to date information. We are anxious to get back to serving our patrons, we just want to be sure it is safe for everyone.

  7. It is now June 5…Any news on when and if curbside delivery of books will be available?..

    • After following state guidelines implemented by Governor Baker, many (but not all) of our libraries have begun offering curbside pickup this week. Please check their websites or social media pages for further information.

  8. Jeanne lothrop

    I have some children’s books on hold. My local library is Centerville. It is my understanding that there is curb side pick up but I do seem to be able to find out how it works. Thank you

    • Jeanne,
      Please click “Announcing Curbside Pickup” next to Centerville in the list above. This will take you to their page on how their curbside service will work. You can also email the library at to ask about your holds.

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