Feature Highlights From Our New Catalog — Encore



Here’s a list of some new features and search tips you can use in Encore.

NEW Features!

Author Sorting Option: There is a new option when sorting search results. You may now sort by author, as well as the standard sort options: relevance, date, & title.

Hold Status Sort Option: You may now sort your holds by the item’s status, e.g. group all, “IN TRANSIT” and “Ready. Must pick up by MM-DD-YYYY.” Just click the Sort by Status button.

Standard Features

eContent Integration: Search, request, and checkout OverDrive content within the Encore catalog. You can also see your OverDrive checkouts and holds in your account through Encore.

Community Tags: Users can add their own terms (informal vocabulary) to records when logged in. Tags are public.

Messages: Alerts users to materials that are due soon, or overdue.

Recently Added: Encore suggests resources based on your search terms that have been recently added to the collection. These suggestions can be found in the right sidebar when viewing a record.

Articles: Preview article results available from GALE General OneFile database when you perform a search within the Encore catalog. Or, limit to articles only by selecting the Articles tab before you enter your initial search terms.

Commonwealth Catalog: If CLAMS doesn’t have what you’re looking for, find it in other Massachusetts libraries. Your search terms carry over. You do not have to start your search over again.

Searching tips

Single Search Box: provides a “Google-like” experience based on keywords found in the record.

Related Searches: Initiates a new search using:

ESTABLISHED TERMS– list of subjects related to your current search.

ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS– list of search terms and community tags drawn from the records in your results list.

Search Filters: Refine your search by filters, such as:

AVAILABILITY: Limits search results to resources currently available either, AT A LIBRARY or ONLINE.

COLLECTION: Limits search results by where an item is located.

COURSE: Limits search results to resources on course reserve and/or display.

FORMAT: Limits search results to resources of a specific material type.

FOUND IN: Limits where Encore searches for your search term: Title, Subject, or Author.

GENRE/FORM: Limits search results to resources belonging to a specific genre or form. This is what a title is versus what it is about.

LANGUAGE: Limits search results to resources in a specific language.

PLACE: Limits search results to resources about a specific geographical location.

PROFESSOR: Limits search results to resources on reserve for a specific professor or staff member.

PUBLISH DATE: Limits search results to resources published in a specific year or within a range of years.

PUBLISHER: Limits search results to materials from a specific publisher.

SUBJECT: Limits search results to resources associated with the chosen term. Terms are drawn from the record’s subject fields and tag list.

TAG: Limits search results to resources that have tags (informal vocabulary) added by both users and staff (Community Tags).

We hope you like and use our new primary (Encore) catalog but we do still have a link to our “old” Classic Catalog.

For more details please visit our Encore Help Page.