Many CLAMS Libraries begin offering curbside service

After following Governor Baker’s phased reopening, in addition to local town guidelines, many of our libraries have started offering curbside pickup. Please check with your local library by phone, website, or social media to find out what they are currently offering. You may find the following list helpful. As libraries work with their municipalities and local health boards to ensure safety of staff and patrons, more will be added.


5 responses to “Many CLAMS Libraries begin offering curbside service

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  2. Richard Harris

    when will libraries be open

    • Mr Harris,
      There is no set date for all libraries to open. Each library will make that decision based on consultation with their town health department and ability to follow instituted guidelines. We suggest contacting your home library or checking their website for the latest information.

  3. Jason Bernhardt

    When are there no state restrictions on them actually opening their doors to people.

    • Jason,
      Each library will make the decision on how and when to open with their local Board of Health when they are able to keep their staff and patrons safe. A few have opened, most have not. It is best to contact your home library directly to see what their plans are.

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