OverDrive for Mac update

An important notice for those using OverDrive for Mac to listen to audiobooks on their computer. Please be aware this ONLY affects those who use the OverDrive program on their Mac computers, not those who use tablets or phones:
“Due to upcoming macOS changes, and to simplify the user experience, OverDrive will soon end support for OverDrive for Mac. Effective September 4, 2019, OverDrive for Mac will no longer be available for download and Mac users will no longer see the option to download audiobook titles at your OverDrive website. Instead, Mac users can enjoy audiobooks using OverDrive Listen from your digital library website, or try Libby on their smart phone or tablet. Any users with audiobooks already downloaded to OverDrive for Mac will retain access to their downloads for the remainder of the lending period, provided they have not yet updated to macOS 10.15 (Catalina). Though we anticipate minimal user impact, OverDrive Help will be updated to assist with user support.”


4 responses to “OverDrive for Mac update

  1. This is terrible news. How can you state that this change has been made “to simplify the user experience” and that you “expect minimal user impact” when Mac users are losing a major component of OverDrive? Many people, like me, have old computers that are not compatible with newer operating systems. Therefore, we will not be affected by upcoming macOS changes.

    I will still be using macOS Sierra and High Sierra for years to come. Downloading audiobooks to my computer and being able to listen to them on my iPod is an important part of my busy, multitasking life. I listen to audiobooks while I cook, clean, exercise, before falling asleep and more. This is not possible with a bulky computer.

    It appears that OverDrive is discriminating against Mac users while Windows users continue to enjoy the beneficial option of being able to download books to their computers. We all pay taxes for library services. Access to services should be equal regardless of the type of computer one owns. There must be a solution. Please help.

    • Hi Blanca,
      Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately this decision was made by the vendor, OverDrive, and is beyond our control. If you would like your response to be seen by someone at OverDrive, please make sure to pass it on to the CLAMS library you visit and they can send it on to them. We hope you can find another way to enjoy eaudiobooks.

  2. Thank you for this informative post. I wish the Madison (WI) Public Library system had been this forthright as to what is going on! I ended up using a Windows 7 VM so I can continue to download MP3s for my wife to put on her old-school iPod (Libby is not an option). Feeling absolutely no love for Apple, Overdrive.com, or our library.

  3. I can only vigorously agree with Blanca, that this is discriminatory & a disaster. I am disabled & spend a lot of time in bed, it’s simply unrealistic to take my desktop computer to bed to audiobooks. I am unable to read ebooks as my condition effects my eyesight.
    I have to accept your advice to relay this to my library but without the lobbying support of all participating libraries, its hard to see that individuals will have any influence. This may be otherwise if libraries were to advise Overdrive that they will seek out alternative providers.
    I have already reported this issue to Overdrive itself & have not received the courtesy of a response & they have yet to even update the Help section on their webpage which is indicative of their lack of concern.

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