How can you locate your position in the list of “holds” when you are waiting for material?

Currently this feature is not available.

However, there are some facts that will help you to interpret the data that you can view.


In the case of a bestseller such as this, the ratio of requests will give you a good idea of the length of the queue. In the case illustrated above, there are 257 holds for 48 copies. So, on average, it will take 5 rounds of all the checked out items to be returned before the system can fill all of the currently outstanding holds.

Priority given to Holds for Pickup at the owning location. Our system is configured to give priority to filling requests for pickup at a given location with items owned by that location. This minimizes the time items spend in the delivery system, as well as giving patrons of a given library priority for use of that library’s items.

By specifying a location that owns the item as your pickup location when you request material, you can improve your priority for receiving the material. This can be especially useful if there are multiple editions of a title. Take care to choose an edition owned by a location you find convenient to use as a pickup location. (When searching for material, identify material owned by your potential pickup location by using the ability to limit to a library.)