How do I search the entire CLAMS network for materials that are NOT in the Children’s collection?

The following example finds materials about soccer that are not cataloged as juvenile materials:

Use the Advanced Search

In the first row of the search criteria
Any field : soccer
then use the drop down menu to choose the “and not” operator

In the second row of the search criteria:
Subject: juvenile

This constructs the search: (soccer) and not d:(juvenile)

The “d:” identifies the subject field

Records for juvenile materials have one of the following 2 phrases in the Subject field
Juvenile fiction
Juvenile literature

So eliminating records with “Juvenile” in the subject heading should result in only adult materials. (A possible exception is those new records which have not yet had any Subject headings added to the record). You can see the Subject headings by displaying either the Find Similar Items tab or the Full Record tab display when you are viewing an individual entry.