I thought I signed up to get Email notices from my library. I don’t seem to be getting any notices from my library. What might the problem be?

  1. There may be an error in how your Email address was entered.
    If you have a PIN, you can check online by going to:
    “My Account”
    and entering your barcode or username and PIN.

    Once logged in, choose “Modify Personal Information”. You can update your Email address if necessary.

    If you do NOT have a PIN, staff at any CLAMS library can assist you in correcting your Email address.

  2. Some Email programs and some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (such as AOL) have options to filter out Email which meet certain criteria. Check your Email settings in your program to determine whether you have filtered out some mail. Check with your Internet Service Provider to determine whether their service puts “suspicious” Emails in a Junk folder, a SPAM folder, or refuses to deliver some Email.