What are some of the features of Encore?

  • A single search box provides a simple Google-like experience.
  • Faceted Search results. Facets can be added to or removed from one’s search in any order.
    What are facets? Facets are filters one can use to modify searches; they typically reduce the number of results each time a facet is added.
    This helps users start with a general search and breaks it down into a more manageable, specific results list.
  • Tags to refine your search, which are subject headings found in search results displayed.
  • Holdings information at the search results screen.
  • RightResults relevance ranking bringing the most relevant results to you at the beginning of the results display.
  • Ability to re-sort a result list by Title or Date.
  • “Did you mean” function based on words and phrases found in our collection, which is superior to spell checking with a dictionary.
  • Access to articles available to all Massachusetts residents through the state; No need to leave the catalog to search for articles in magazines, journals, etc.
  • Ability to search for eBooks and Digital Audiobooks without leaving the Encore catalog.
    Includes display of eBook availability, request placement, and checkout of OverDrive eBooks and Audiobooks from within Encore.

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