What do the Item Stauses mean?

Explanation of  Statuses
AVAILABLE The item is at the library and available to borrow.
IN TRANSIT Items will show a status of IN TRANSIT when they are going from one library to another, usually to fill a patron’s request, or to return to the library which owns it when a patron has returned it to a different library. Requests can usually still be placed on these items.
IN PROCESSING An item will display a status of IN PROCESSING when it has recently been acquired by the library, but the processing work required before putting it on the shelf for patron use has not yet been completed. Requests can usually be placed on these items, although they are not yet ready to be checked out.
MISSING The item is missing from the library shelves. Please broaden your search for All Locations to see if the item is available elsewhere.
BILLED The item has not been returned for over a month and the patron who has it checked out has been billed for the item.
LOST and PAID The patron has been billed and has paid for the item.
IN REPAIR The item has been sent to technical services for mending because it is not in condition to be checked out.
ON HOLDSHELF The item has been received and is being held at the library designated by the patron as a pickup location.
ON ORDER The item has been ordered from a vendor and is not yet available at the library. The title may not be published yet. Orders are placed on titles months in advance of publication.
TEMP UNAVAILABLE These items are not currently available to be checked out or placed on hold.
LIB USE ONLY These are usually reference materials that can only be used at the owning library.
CLAIMS RETURNED The last patron to borrow the item claims the item has been returned to the library.
ONLINE The item is only available online.
RECALLED The system automatically recalls an item when a patron requests a specific item that is overdue.