What is My Account?

Using My Account, you can search the catalog, view your own patron record, see what items you have checked out, renew items online, request items from the catalog, view the status of your requests, create preferred searches, and rate items. In order to use the My Account feature, you will need a library card from a CLAMS member library, and a PIN (Password). If you login to My Account at a public workstation, be sure to Logout when you are done.


2 responses to “What is My Account?

  1. Please tell me how I may renew my card/account. I just noticed it expired. 🙁 Hoping I can do this online so I can get on with looking up books.
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Cheri,
      You can call your local “home” library to update. Cards expire every 3 years so library staff can make sure all of your contact information is still correct. Here’s a list of our libraries with their contact information and hours. Thanks!

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