What notices are provided by CLAMS Libraries?

Overdue Notices
Overdue Notices are generated after your items are at least 14 days overdue. Most CLAMS libraries send out both Email and U.S. Mail overdue notices. A few libraries generate only the Email overdue notices.
Bills are generated 2 weeks after a second Overdue notice (or 4 weeks after the item was due). All CLAMS libraries send out Bills – both via Email and via U.S. Mail to those who do not have Email.
Hold Pickup Notices
When items come in to fill a Request for you, your library account includes an Email address, a message will be generated overnight and it should be in your Email the next morning. (If you happen to pick up the item before the Emails are sent out, the Email will not be sent.) For patrons that do not have Email, most libraries will notify you by a telephone call; a few libraries will mail out a printed notice via U.S. Mail
Courtesy Notices
Courtesy notices will be generated for items due in 3 days. These notices will be sent only to those patrons who have provided an Email contact in their library account. All patrons who have an Email address in their library account will automatically receive the reminders.