What’s OverDrive Listen?

OverDrive ListenNever wait for audiobooks to download again. Enjoy them right in your browser with OverDrive Listen.

No software, no downloads, no problems — just listen. Now with just a single click you can borrow an eAudiobook from the CLAMS OverDrive website and listen right from your bookshelf.


2 responses to “What’s OverDrive Listen?

  1. I have been an user of Overview ebooks and audiobooks for years. Many of my favorite titles were presented in WMA format. I am very disappointed that Overdrive made the decision to discontinue WAM format before making the titles available in MP3 format. Is there a time line for when the lost WMA content will be available in MP3 format? What is the percentage of WMA titles that were lost?

    • OverDrive, the vendor that supplies eBooks and eAudios to CLAMS, informed us that a couple of publishers did not agree to make the switch from the WMA format to MP3 format. While most of our eAudios are now available as MP3, CLAMS lost 18% of our eAudio collection. We are working with OverDrive on a resolution and while we remain hopeful, we cannot guarantee that the lost titles will be restored.

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