Text Messaging Sign Up

With the Shoutbomb Text Messaging service, you can use your mobile phone to:

  • Receive text notices about: your holds that are available, items that are due soon, overdues, and fines.
  • Send a text to renew an item.
  • Receive text alerts for other cards within your family.

Note: CLAMS has contracted with Shoutbomb for text messaging services.
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Text Messaging Sign Up Options

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Sign Up Using a Text Message

  • Create a Shoutbomb Text Messaging contact on your phone, and enter the phone number (508) 503-1253.

  • Text the keyword "SIGNUP"

  • Then reply to the messages from Shoutbomb. You should receive two messages. The first will request your library card number and the second will request your PIN/Password.

Shortly after registering you should receive a welcome text from Shoutbomb. There may be several minutes of delay between texts. If you do not recall receiving a welcome text, you can test your connection by texting MYBOOKS to the Shoutbomb contact you created. You should receive information on the items checked out and total fees/fines within a few minutes.

If you do not receive a response, please try to reregister for Shoutbomb. If you do not receive a reply within 4 hours, please send an email to clams.support@shoutbomb.com

Service Keywords/Commands: is a list of keywords that you can use to manage your account by texting them directly to the Shoutbomb Text Messaging Service.

Keyword Description
HL Text HL to see a list of your items available for pickup.
OL Text OL to view a list of overdue items.
OA Text OA to renew all overdue items. (Some materials may not be renewable.)
RL Text RL to view a list of items due soon
RA Text RA to renew all. (Some materials may not be renewable.)
MYBOOKS View the items checked out, items available for pickup, and total fees/fines.
RESEND View messages from the last 3 days.
ADDCARD To receive text alerts for another card within your family, text ADDCARD+additionallibrarybarcode+password/pin
(Example: ADDCARD+21113001234567+4321)
DROPCARD To end text alerts for a specific library card, text DROPCARD+specificlibrarybarcode+password/pin.
(Example: DROPCARD+21113001234567+4321)
MYCARDS View a list of your registered family cards.
IOWEU View the current total fee/fines for each of the registered family cards.
NEWPASS If you change the Password/PIN number for a specific library account, text NEWPASS+yourlibrarybarcode+password/pin to update your account with the text notification service.
SWITCHPHONE Switch to a different phone number.
STOP Quit the text notification service.
NOTE: There is no charge from the library for this service; however, you may see a charge for incoming text messages at the standard rate applied by your cell phone carrier, depending on your plan or package.